Baroque Rome: Fountains and Squares

Let’s explore together the most beautiful and elegant fountains and squares of Rome, the city’s “welcome halls”.
The tour will start at Piazza del Popolo. which is a real open-air museum due to its extraordinary churches and artworks. Walking along one of the poshest streets of Rome we will then arrive at the famousSpanish Steps., In this unique place with its monumental stairway from the 18th century it is possible to really feel the sumptuousness of the Roman Baroque style and all its glamour. Not only its remarkable stairway but also the lovely Barcaccia Fountain will enchant you. That’s for sure!
Later on, we will follow the course of the Aqueduct of the Virgin Waters which will lead us to the Trevi Fountain, the most spectacular fountain in the city (and the world!). It’s the perfect place to have some free time and enjoy its magical atmosphere. The next stop will beSt. Ignatius Square, an iconic place in terms of baroque architecture where we can visit St. Ignatius Church with its surprising “fake dome”.  We will then reach the Pantheon, which is one of largest and best-preserved monuments of Ancient Rome and is still in use after almost 2000 years. his walking tour through the wonders of the Eternal City will also take you to the romantic Piazza Navona, where you will be able to admire two masterpieces of the greatest artists of the Baroque period: the magnificent Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini and the elegant Church of St. Agnes by Borromini. The tour will end at the Antiques Road, one of the most beautiful roads in the world, where you can taste a typical Italian gelato in one of the best gelato shops in town.

Duration of the tour: approximately 3 hours (it can be extended, if you wish)

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