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My name is Luca Rocconi and I’m an official Chinese-, English- and Portuguese-speaking tour guide in Rome.
First let me tell you a bit about me: I’m a careful and curious person, and I have many passions and interests. Ever since I was a little child I’ve been fascinated by the Far East, especially by the Chinese culture. his was the reason that led me to obtain a Phd in Asian Languages and Civilizations at theUniversity “La Sapienza” in Rome..

I spent the last year of my studies in Shanghai where I attended the famous University of Tongji, thanks to a scholarship I was awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I took my first steps in tourism as a tour escort.. A partire dal 2006 ho accompagnato gruppi di turisti italiani in Cina, Thailandia, Cambogia. For a long while I cooperated with tour operators that are specialized in organizing tours in Asia.

The several trips I made in many parts of the globe, both for working and personal reasons, allowed me to improve my skills in terms of relating to culture diverse and individuals belonging to different social classes. Being able to adapt to different circumstances, to interact with all sorts of people and to build up successful study techniques allowed me to learn how to speak the three foreign languages I use for my job fluently, that is Chinese, English and Portuguese.

The Brazilian culture, language, music and traditional dances are also among my biggest passions. I’m lucky I was able to connect them to my full time job. My trips to Brazil and Portugal where the perfect way to start learning Portuguese and to continue on studying it thoroughly by attending language courses either privately and also at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome.

As time went by I had the opportunity to connect these two passions with a third one: “the Eternal City”, Roma, la mia Città. my town! In 2015 I obtained my license to work as a professional tourist guide in Rome and the Vatican City..

Why shoud you visit Rome with a local official tourist guide? Only in this way you’ll have the opportunity to establish an authentic connection with this unique place. Apart from admiring Rome from a touristic point of view by visiting incredible museums and charming squares that are worlwide famous, this is the perfect way to get in touch with local habits and traditions. An official tourist guide is a real local who spent years studying the history and traditions of Rome and who most probably knows all of its secrets and will be happy to unveil them to you.

The tours whose descriptions you’ll be able to read further on were created according to the most common requests I’ve had, but please be aware that those are only some of the options that a special place like Rome can offer you. Thus, I’ll be happy to receive any kind of request you may have and to create taylor-made itineraries for you.

Do you have any enquiries or doubts? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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